Drawing Board

Monkeys and Me art for a work in progress and on the drawing board
Monkeys & Me, book cover illustration

Monkey’s & Me, on the drawing board

Look into a mirror and see how you are made special from monkeys!

Darrell wrote and illustrated Monkeys & Me as a child’s first book on how God created man separate from animals. The text is written in playful verse with monkey play in mind and designed to be published in the format of a mirror board book.

The child playfully looks at his reflection in a mirror of his ears, fingers, toes, and teeth while looking at pictures in the book of a monkey and his ears, fingers, toes, teeth …. If you have a mirror handy to interact with your child when you read these verses aloud, hold the mirror so the child can see how God made him special and different from  a monkey — and in the image of  God’s likeness.

Monkeys & Me

God made Monkeys; God made me…
Am I like monkeys that I see?

God made monkeys; God made me.
I don’t have a tail, or live in a tree.

So what’s about monkeys, that’s just like me?
Am I like monkeys that I see?

Monkeys have two hands, I have, too!
Look at my fingers, wiggle back at you.

Mirror, mirror, look at me…
Is my nose like the monkeys we see?

I have two eyes; monkeys have two – too!
Funny face, funny face,
I see me, and I see you.

Monkeys and me, we have two ears…
We have two ears so we can hear.

Monkey face, funny face, I can make a smiley face.
We can make a pouty frown…just turn our lips to upside down….

We open our mouths. What do we see?
Bunches of teeth…or just two or three.

I can be neat and comb my hair.
But look at monkeys…do they ever care?

I can talk to God, but monkeys never do.
Monkeys talk with monkeys. Can monkeys talk with you?

God made the monkeys. Then He made me.
God made me different from monkeys you see.

In His image God made me.

Not like monkeys, funny, cute, or wild.
I am made special…
To be God’s child!

-Darrell Wiskur


Monkey’s Never Talk to God!

illustration on drawing board for Monkeys & Me
I can be neat and comb my hair … but look at monkeys…do they ever care?

The privilege of prayer and man’s position before his creator differs immensely from animals in that we talk to God, but animals never do.

As soon as a child begins to pray, this immense gap between God’s creation of man and the animal kingdom is apparent with the understanding that we are God’s workmanship and created in His image.