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Silver Dollar City's ABC Words & Rhymes

Welcome to Wiskur Productions

My Wiskur Productions website is designed to include a portfolio of my career work, with links to my current product development projects and art techniques.

Throughout the summer, I will be posting new work and photography and illustration from my studio files and photo archives.

I am digging through my flat files of art work, and Patricia is busy scanning it for Illustration and Drawing Board .

My fine art approach to Photography , using existing light, spans two decades. I will be posting private work of my favorite subjects, as well as editorial and commercial photography for clients.

I hold numerous Game copyrights and a patent for game design. My first game, Silver Dollar City’s Pazazz,  was a card game published as a souvenir for the Missouri theme park.

We have a stable of games and exciting game concepts that we are developing for  licensing.

Darrell Wiskur icon

I designed my Wiskur Productions logo when we moved to Arkansas from Illinois. The logo combines iconography for my name, Wiskur, with a wood-cut look and mountain man styling, emblematic of the Ozarks where I am blessed to live with family and friends.

Author: Darrell Wiskur

Welcome to a recap of my life's work and journey as an illustrator and designer. I've chosen some of my favorite works to showcase in my photography and illustration galleries, as well as work from my early career in illustration for children's book companies in Chicago, New York, and St. Louis and custom print productions for the theme park industry. My art concepts are inspired by wildlife and natural history. My published works reflect the marvel of God's creation.

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  1. Any idea where I can find the Silver Dollar City ABC book? Read it to my sons now oldest is having his first son. Thank you

  2. The Silver Dollar City ABC book is out of print. Sometimes you can find a copy online or in a used bookstore.
    It was printed before the digital age by Western Publishing.
    I will type up some of the rhymes and post them in the future for a flash back.
    Glad you enjoyed the book.

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