Wiskur Productions Art & Design Studio

Welcome to Wiskur Productions

My Wiskur Productions website is designed to include a portfolio of my career work, with links to my current product development projects and art techniques.

Throughout the summer, I will be posting new work and photography and illustration from my studio files and photo archives.

I am digging through my flat files of art work, and Patricia is busy scanning it for Illustration and Drawing Board .

My fine art approach to Photography , using existing light, spans two decades. I will be posting private work of my favorite subjects, as well as editorial and commercial photography for clients.

I hold numerous Game copyrights and a patent for game design. My first game, Silver Dollar City’s Pazazz,  was a card game published as a souvenir for the Missouri theme park.

We have a stable of games and exciting game concepts that we are developing for  licensing.

Darrell Wiskur icon

I designed my Wiskur Productions logo when we moved to Arkansas from Illinois. The logo combines iconography for my name, Wiskur, with a wood-cut look and mountain man styling, emblematic of the Ozarks where I am blessed to live with family and friends.